What Principals & Parents are saying...
  • The ASP program has more structure in place. They have a time for homework and they have time for outside play.

    Delaine Bender
    Principal - Citrus Elementary

Grant Programs

About ASP

ASP is one of the largest grant-funded childcare providers in South Florida and Baltimore City

Millions of dollars in grant funding are awarded each year to ASP for after school care and summer programs, enabling us to provide funded services to thousands of children. 

While academic content is required for all grant program providers, it is the ways in which these educational components are provided to students is what really makes the difference. ASP has identified key elements of high importance to growing minds, and to enhance those elements, utilizes curricula that make learning fun and exciting. High quality academic, physical fitness, nutritional and life skill programs make learning fun for all children.

Education and Recreation

Math and Reading Programs

Engaging, high quality and research-based curricula includes pre-testing and post-testing to measure academic progress and ensure goal attainment


Engaging interactive opportunities for all students

  • Readers Theatre
  • Book Clubs
  • Writing Activities - Recipe for Writing
  • After School KIDZ LIT

Math, Science and Technology

  • Moving with Math
  • Science Boot Camp (Hands-on Activities and Games) for grades 3-5
  • ZULA™


We provide the time, the place, and the assistance

  • Homework Helper
  • Homework Logs & Homework Forms

Junior Achievement

ASP is the only private afterschool childcare provider in South Florida affiliated with Junior Achievement. Junior Achievement uses hands-on experiences to help young people learn about business, economics and free enterprise to improve the quality of their lives

Character Education Programs

  • PATHS™

SPARK Recreation and Nutrition Programs

  • National research-based inclusive fitness program
  • Makes Exercise Fun

Value-Added Programs

ASP includes a number of additional programs that help children to be more well-rounded, contributing members of their communities.

Social Skills and Service Learning

  • Community Service Projects
  • Toys for Tots
  • Food Drives
  • Letters to Troops
  • Disaster Relief

Cultural Arts & Special Events

  • Musicians, Magicians and More
  • Special Talents Programs
  • Field Trips on All No-School Days
What Principals & Parents are saying...
  • There is structure to it. I know that there is proper supervision.

    Arie Freedman

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