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At After School Programs, Inc, safety is our first and foremost priority. Being fully aware of the importance and responsibility associated with childcare, we absolutely stress the proper training of our professional staff and observe the strictest rules for safety and supervision.

A trained Site Director, meeting all the educational credentials required by law, is on site daily at each of our programs to coordinate and supervise all staff and activities. ASP is the only provider that requires all of its management personnel, including Site Directors, to attend an intensive 6-week management training program.

In addition, each ASP staff member attends a mandatory orientation class that covers all of the important guidance and reinforcement techniques as well as company guidelines appropriate for working with children.

New staff members are also placed with a Staff Trainer for several days for additional training before being given the responsibility for a group of children.

This recurrent training gives ASP management the tools to keep its staff motivated and fulfilled. A cheerful and motivated staff translates into better care, higher safety levels, and happier children. ASP’s philosophy dictates a low child-to-staff ratio, so that our staff members can be more responsive and nurturing to the children in their care, taking the time to speak to and care for each child individually, and helping them to be more successful in all their activities.time to speak to and care for each child individually, and helping them to be more successful in all their activities.time to speak to and care for each child individually, and helping them to be more successful in all their activities.

ASP’s Human Resources Department is among the best in the field, promoting the stability that helps eliminate the shortage of staff and high turnover problems often faced by other providers. With over 700 child care professionals, a variety of locations, and multiple levels of management, ASP’s programs are properly staffed and supervised at all times.

To guarantee the highest quality, After School Programs, Inc also employs a management structure consisting of District and Area Coordinators who regularly monitor and evaluate each of its programs. This level of management supervises and assists each of the Site Directors to ensure that protocol is being followed and that the highest level of care is being provided for the children.

The Department of Children and Families and the local School Boards monitor all of ASP’s programs. In addition, surveys are distributed to the parents twice each year to ensure that both they and the children are satisfied with the programs and to highlight areas where we might improve our services. It should be apparent why, in our field, we are recognized as The Child Care Professionals. After School Programs, Inc is the intelligent, logical choice for safe, affordable, quality educational childcare programs.

What Principals & Parents are saying...
  • I choose ASP because of the professionalism and the people in their main office that I dealt with in the very beginning. They were very professional, very knowledgeable and actually had experience with our school district as administrators, and that was very comforting.

    Ted Morrow
    Principal - R.R. Moton Elementary

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