• The ASP program has more structure in place. They have a time for homework and they have time for outside play.

    Delaine Bender
    Principal - Citrus Elementary
  • There is structure to it. I know that there is proper supervision.

    Arie Freedman
  • This is our first full year with ASP and I haven't had any of the complaints I've had in the past. The parents are extremely happy. The [parent] surveys are showing the satisfaction level has zoomed!

    Phillip Bullock
    Coral Cove Elementary
  • The after school program started Village was a C. I sat down with the management of ASP, they included us in an academic grant where they work with over 100 of our students over the past two summers and guess what, now we are a B and we are aiming for the A.

    Lee Dollar
    Village Elementary
  • I think ASP works very hard to make it the best program possible for children.

    Nora Chiat
    Principal - Horizon Elementary
  • This year it was a nice surprise to see my son come home with projects and coloring sheets and homework complete.

    Jessic Gandera
    Parent - Broward County
  • I choose ASP because of the professionalism and the people in their main office that I dealt with in the very beginning. They were very professional, very knowledgeable and actually had experience with our school district as administrators, and that was very comforting.

    Ted Morrow
    Principal - R.R. Moton Elementary
  • The site coordinator they have here with us is like on of the [school] staff

    Bob Spanno
    Principal - Mike Davis Elementary
  • Many of our students would not be able to afford after school care, can afford it under the grant programs.

    Phillip Bullock
    Principal - Miramar Elementary
  • I like that balance. [My daughter] has that time to unwind ... especially after school. Their first activity is usually playing outside for a little while, getting that fresh air and chance to run around. They have their snack and then she can work on her homework.

    Michaela Adams
    Parent - Collier County
What Principals & Parents are saying...
  • There is structure to it. I know that there is proper supervision.

    Arie Freedman

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