What Principals & Parents are saying...
  • The site coordinator they have here with us is like on of the [school] staff

    Bob Spanno
    Principal - Mike Davis Elementary

In The News

ASP Tutoring Rated “Excellent” by State of Florida

August, 2013
After School Programs, Inc. (ASP), has received the Florida State Department designation of “EXCELLENT” for its tutoring program. For the last six years, ASP has provided quality tutoring services to over 10,000 students throughout the USA. ...


Dave Wolnek Appointed CEO of ASP, Camp Renegade and Alphabetland

December, 2012
After School Programs, Camp Renegade and Alphabetland have announced that Dave Wolnek has been appointed CEO of the three companies. Over the past six years, Wolnek has served as a vice president of the companies. ...


ASP, Inc. Announces New Federal Grants

Nov 5, 2012
After School Programs, Inc. is proud to announce new 21st Century Community Learning Center Grants for 11 Schools in 4 Florida Counties. These after school programs are federally funded, and presented in partnership with the local community. Each site and program is customized and individualized to meet the specific needs of the school and community to ...


Using Our Schools to Solve Childhood Obesity

Jun 4, 2012
Recent data shows that nearly two-thirds of low-income Florida families can’t afford to give their children a healthy meal. As many children return home to find empty pantries, others rely on eating unhealthy meals, high in fat and calories. Schools, in particular, must be a national focal point for obesity prevention...


Schools Can Help Solve Childhood Obesity

May 31, 2012
In this letter to the editor of the Miami Herald, Alan Wolnek, Founder and CEO of After School Programs, Inc., talks about what schools can be doing to help curb the spread of childhood obesity ...


What Parents Should Know About Choosing a Summer Program

May 25, 2012
With school coming to a close, parents should already be thinking about selecting a summer camp for their children. With many options available, After School Programs (www.aspkids.com), a not-for-profit organization ...


After School Programs Offers Free Healthy Suppers to Thousands of Students in South Florida

February 21, 2012
After School Programs, Inc. (ASP) has initiated a statewide dinner program that is feeding thousands of South Florida students each week. This is the first program of its kind in the state of Florida and is offered through a federal grant ...


What a Difference a Grant Can Make!

When Mike Davis Elementary School opened three years ago, only 30 families enrolled their children in the school’s aftercare program, ...

What Principals & Parents are saying...
  • I choose ASP because of the professionalism and the people in their main office that I dealt with in the very beginning. They were very professional, very knowledgeable and actually had experience with our school district as administrators, and that was very comforting.

    Ted Morrow
    Principal - R.R. Moton Elementary

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