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After School Programs

At ASP, we recognize the importance of helping children develop into well-rounded, intelligent and responsible young adults. That’s why our educational programs focus on social skills learning, academic enrichment, community service, cultural arts, physical fitness and nutritional education. Learn More >>

Early Release Day Programs

On all Early Release Days, ASP offers a variety of enhanced programs at no additional charge to parents. This is especially convenient for working parents who would otherwise have to take time off from work to pick up their child. Learn More >>

Enrichment Programs

ASP goes above and beyond the mandatory curriculum with unique specialized programs designed to provide children with the life skills they need to succeed in today’s complex world. Learn More >>

Grant Programs

ASP is one of the largest grant-funded childcare providers in South Florida, enabling us to provide summer and after school services to thousands of children. We offer the most effective academic enrichment, physical fitness, nutritional and life skill programs to challenge children and make learning fun. Learn More >>

SES Tutoring

Under the No Child Left Behind act, many children are eligible for free SES tutoring services, valued at up to $2,000. Our certified teachers are selected for compassion, patience, and caring as well as their competency in subject areas. Individual, small group (2-4 students), and large group (5-10 students) tutoring sessions are held at times and locations that are convenient for both parents and children. Learn More >>

What Principals & Parents are saying...
  • The ASP program has more structure in place. They have a time for homework and they have time for outside play.

    Delaine Bender
    Principal - Citrus Elementary

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